Friday, 27 November 2015


Is it your cup of tea?

2015 saw the 150th anniversary of the publication of Alice in Wonderland.

Can you match these “tea” expressions with their meanings? – Sai abbinare queste espressioni idiomatiche con i loro significati? Riguardano tutti il té!

1.    It’s not my cup of tea
2.    Not for all the tea in China
3.    A storm in a teacup
4.    As good as a chocolate teapot
5.    Put the kettle on

     a. To put water on the hob to boil – fare bollire l’acqua [per il té] nel bollitore

b.    A dramatic reaction to something unimportant – una tempesta in un bicchier d’acqua

c.    I don’t like this type of thing – non è di mio gusto / questa cosa non è per me

d.    Not for any price or reward – a nessun prezzo / per niente al mondo

e.    Useless – inutile / utile come il fumo negli occhi

Have you put the kettle on?

Highlight the space below to see the answers: 

1c, 2d, 3b, 4e, 5a.